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Portland, OR – RADICAL feminist group Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF) organized a public dialogue on two of the most contentious issues in feminism: prostitution and gender. Building on 2012’s Radfem Reboot conference at the Multnomah Friends Meetinghouse, Radfems Respond was to happen May 24 at the Meetinghouse, but under pressure from a libelous petition the Quakers withdrew and now the event will be at the Portland Central Library.

WoLF was spurred to arrange a respectful public dialogue because internet flamewars have created a toxic environment where threats hamper free speech. Intimidations are so severe that a petition declared radical feminism “hate speech” and insisted the Radfems Respond event be blacklisted for promoting hate and violence against transgendered people.

Despite being forewarned of petitions and threats to shut down the event, and despite the Multnomah Friends approving all four panelists three weeks prior (“We find nothing in them that would cause us to ask you to find another place to meet.”), the Multnomah Friends bowed to the pressure from the petition and revoked their agreement to rent the venue. Thankfully, the Multnomah Library quickly approved Radfems Respond after the abrupt Quaker pullout.

Speaking on “Prostitution is a violation of women’s rights” are Kathleen Barry, author of the landmark 1979 book Female Sexual Slavery and co-founder of The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women, and Dawn Schiller, a trafficking survivor of porn star John Holmes. Dawn’s book, The Road Through Wonderland: Surviving John Holmes, was nominated for several awards and she was an associate producer on the 2003 movie Wonderland in which actress Kate Bosworth portrayed her and Val Kilmer portrayed John Holmes.
Speaking on “Gender is an oppressive social construct” are Heath Atom Russell, a radical lesbian who spent four years as a man before detransitioning back to woman, and Rachel Ivey an educator with environmental organization Deep Green Resistance. Rachel’s infamous talk The End of Gender is a controversial critique of third wave feminism’s liberal conception of gender.

Please join us Saturday, May 24 from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM in Central Library’s US Bank Room for a thought-provoking examination of what radical feminists really think about prostitution and gender and why some people will do anything to try and stop that conversation from happening.

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